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Voice actress, singer and actress: Anna Gamburg

Hello, I am Anna. Thank you for visiting my homepage! I'm a voice-over artist  and actress for film, television and advertising. I have also lent my voice to characters in computer games. I have written and produced my own mini-series and competed in film festivals with it. My current passion is my music though: As the perfomer and singer-songwriter "Anna Gee" - which deliveratly sounds like the word "energy" - I create my music all intuitively with a loop station: layering my voice over and over itself.

My greatest passion in this work is the expression of emotions. Give your advertising a friendly touch and bring cartoons to life. That kind of thing motivates me. I'm also increasingly working as an actress in front of the camera and in improvisational theater on stage: I enjoy both forms of acting very much, both privately and professionally.

I amh appy when I can bring my own ideas into my work. Of course, certain work assignments are also part of my portfolio. I always focus on the joy of voice acting - a positive mood that I like to infect my colleagues and customers with.

I like to be on location in the studio, but I can also work from home in my home studio.

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How I got my first job as a voice actress

I have already worked for Google, Microsoft, Paypal and Amazon, among many others. My customers also include Sixt, Skoda, Gesund-Bund, Deichmann, Tschibo, Ikea, Nikon, Edeka, Weight Watchers, McFit. Other important references include orders for Lidl, Zalando and Deutsche Telekom.

But this didn't just happen overnight! After growing up in Hanover, I studied at Newcastle University in England. I was particularly interested in applied media. I therefore wrote my thesis about advertising strategies and their effects on their recipients. What I found exciting was that humor caused a significant increase in the positive reception of advertising.

Through an internship at Radio Leinehertz in Hanover, I got my first voice acting job as a presenter on the morning show and thus also came to the realization that my voice was suitable for making it my career. After many workshops, self-study and coaching for voice acting, the first jobs for dubbing and advertising came. My first big job back then was an commercial for Fanta Klassik.

When I speak, I don't allow myself to be put into a box or reduced to certain styles or types of assignments. I love using my voice in a variety of ways and playing with vocal tones, characters and emotional expressions. 

I am well spoken and speak six languages ​​fluently - without an accent or in a wide variety of comprehensible dialects. I have a musical feel for pronunciation and intonation. 

I grew up speaking German and Russian since I was 3 years old. I speak English pretty much on a native speaker level. I also speak Spanish, Portuguese and French. Because of this, I am able, for example, to add a Russian or Spanish accent to German.

My voice picks up the listeners and conveys something to them. Many people comment on my voice before they even know that I am a voice actress: they find it likeable and want to listen to it, wherever they are and regardless of what they are doing at that moment.

In my opinion, this is also the task of a good voice actress. Make what is advertised tasty - without being annoying. Of course, I see the consumer craze in a differentiated way. I don't want to sell anyone something they don't need at all. Sure, I enjoy my job, but I prefer doing it for products that are actually needed.

Through dubbing in highly acclaimed film and television productions, in addition to advertising, I was able to continually receive new jobs as a voice actress: A few of the producations I have given my voice, are: The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, Slenderman, The Handmaid's Tale, Sex Education, NCIS LA and Riverdale.

How my voice sounds

My vocal range is wide and has a rough note, I mostly sound relatively high and young and can also sound deeper and softer. There is an enthusiasm and warmth in my voice, you can feel my joy for experimenting - because I am always open to new things.

I can sound convinced and intentionally convincing.

I am also able to sound particularly highly. Childlike, naive voices, also strange cartoon voices that sound scratchy and almost bursting with exuberance. I can be euphoric, convey empathy or express dry topics in a factual and pointed manner.

You can find my audio samples under voice !

I also convey complex content in an understandable and accurate manner. Delicately breathed, lascivious, warm and versatile, I speak with the courage to do it differently. Despite all this, I remain easy to understand.

With a great willingness to learn new things, I use my voice dynamically and want to convey what I truly feel. Oh yes, and I also love to sing!

What I like about my job

The love for my job is based primarily on the versatility and range of assignments; sometimes I can be a presenter, sometimes speak for commercials, sometimes dubb movies and series, sometimes act and on top of that sing!

What I enjoy most is voice acting in accents or dubbing cartoons. Because playing in exaggerated ways that you would never use in everyday life is really fun to me!

Last but not least is the contact with the many great people with whom I remain connected professionally and privately.

My dream? Being the original lead character in a Pixar movie!

How I work

At work I stay on task with perseverance and a lot of strength. Curiosity and enjoyment of speaking are the most important driving forces for me.

I am flexible and precise, time pressure is not an issue. My own equipment for my home studio includes a Neumann TLM 103 microphone, a Babyface Pro interface as  , Sound Studio as an editing program and my Voice Booth.

I send recordings easily for download within a maximum of 2 working days. High quality is what I vouch for.

My approach to work is pragmatic. Ultimately, I prefer to focus on what actually counts: the emotions conveyed through language.

How I am and what I like

I am bursting with energy and drive and am always on the move. Since early childhood - I was born in Russia - I have been playing the piano and dancing ballet. Later I danced hip hop, standard dance and tango. Sport, especially dancing, is the most important thing for me, my absolute “happy place”.

Because of my small size, I am used to appearing loud and noticeable and have no problem drawing attention to myself. It's not easy to put a small woman in a box! I standing up for my opinions, give my all in the present moment and a committed manner. I'm independent, interested and up for a lot of fun.

Personally, I am very interested in music, theater, dancing and building connections with people. Lately I've been particularly interested in topics such as personal development and self-love. Yoga, self-reflection, good conversations and a healthy dose of curiosity are my constant companions.

What my friends like about me is that I'm genuine, that I love life and that I always spread a good mood.

Where I want to go

Currently, my passion is my music: Under my artist name Anna Gee I have created songs mostly using my voice and a loop station. On my instagram and most well known music platforms you will soon find my music!

Apart form that, I wrote and shot the short film “ Murphy's Love ” myself for the 2019 Self Made Shorties short film competition. I have also created the mini sketch series Bad Breakups with my partner in crime - Thomas Kitsche. We have written, produced, played in and shot the whole series ourselves and participated in various prestegious German film festivals: in Thalmässing, in Detmold and in Filmfest Hof.

Mostly, I wish to create things myself. My joy lies in creating and being creative. That's why I'm also open to othercollaborative projects, such as dance, film and photo projects, as well as  voice overs for apps, audio books or games.

I live in Berlin and Ibiza as a freelance voice artist, actress and singer.

I look forward to connecting!


Message me

And I would be particularly happy about a visit to my Instagram and IMDb pages! There's news there about what I'm up to.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Yours Anna 

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